How To Learn Turkish Online For Free

About The Turkish Language

Turkish (Türkçe) is one of the most common languages in the world. Currently, the Turkish language is an official and de facto language in numerous countries. Turkish is a branch of the Altaic language family. It has similarities with several languages such as Japanese and Korean. The Turkish language of Turkey is the native language of 90% of people of the Republic of Turkey and it is written in Latin script after the alphabet reform in Turkey in 1928.

During the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, the language borrowed words from the European languages especially French.

For Example; Klavye(TR), Clavier(FR), Keyboard(EN); Lise(TR), Lycée(FR), High School(EN); Ekran(TR), Écran(FR), Screen(EN); Asansör(TR), Ascenseur(FR), Elevator/Lift(EN)

Turkish Language
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How Can I Start?

First, you need to motivate yourself and set goals. The most important thing is to be willing to start and have patience as well. You should improve your vocabulary knowledge, writing, and speaking skills. Besides these, grammar may be the major component when you learn a language.

However, if you start from scratch, we recommend that you should start by learning and memorizing words. You can visit our project to learn Turkish words.

Learn Turkish

What Are The Difficulties?

Turkish grammar structure and grammar rules are different from most languages. Turkish mostly uses suffixes. The sentence order is also different than most spoken languages.

Ben gittim. (I went) > Object + Verb

Ben okula gittim. (I went to the school) > Object + Subject + Verb

Ben dün okula gittim. (I went to the school yestersay) > Object + Time + Subject + Verb

Ben dün İstanbul’da bir okula gittim. (I went to a school yesterday in Istanbul) > Object + Time + Place + Subject + Verb

Is It Possible To Learn Turkish Online?

There are very many resources online that you can access. To memorize and learn vocabulary is the easiest way to start and you can find many words on several websites and with some applications. The difficult thing will be speaking Turkish online. Nevertheless, I am sure you can discover Facebook Groups and other social media networks to find native speakers.

Turkish Inbox is a project to teach Turkish as well. Turkish Inbox aims to teach vocabulary and grammar rules with the culture and the literature of Turkey. It is free and will provide you with a strong knowledge of the Turkish language.

Levels of The Turkish Language

As all languages have, Turkish has an evaluation for Turkish learners and speakers.

A1 Beginner: This person can introduce himself/herself and has a command on basic daily language.

A2 Pre-Intermediate: He or she can talk about their past life and they have knowledge about some expressions and sentences.

B1 Intermediate: Most of the time, they can explain most situations. This level is the beginning of being an independent speaker. They can write simple essays, and comprehend little complicated sentences.

B2 Upper-Intermediate: They are independent users, they can understand most of the sentences and they can read rapidly, have a high vocabulary knowledge.

C1 Advanced: These people can start reading scientific articles. They speak fluently and can write whatever they would like.

C2 Proficient: They can argue about politics, academics, and business. They have extremely high vocabulary capacity.

Easy Techniques to Learn Turkish

There are many methods online, but you should implement these methods for your language level. 

Learn by Reading: Reading improves your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. You can start understanding the structure of the sentence of the Turkish language gradually.

Learn by Memorizing Vocabulary: Memorizing may not be good all the time, because you should comprehend the meanings of words. However, if you are a beginner you can start memorizing to learn some Turkish words.

Learn By Watching Videos: This can help you to develop your listening skills. Moreover, you can learn some idioms, essential expressions, phrasal verbs, etc.

Learn Turkish via Turkish Inbox

Turkish Inbox offers a free service for Turkish learners. We thought that there were not enough resources to teach the Turkish language online. In addition, we decided that we could create a new teaching method. Turkish Inbox sends short, interpreted Turkish passages to the subscribers every day. This system is completely free.

When you subscribe, you will receive novels, poems, tales, and stories from Turkish Literature with explanations. With the help of Turkish Inbox, you will learn Turkish with idioms, leading expressions, and cultural, literary notes for people of all levels.

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