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About The Project

What is Turkish Inbox?

Turkish Inbox provides a small and commended piece of news, poem, tale or a page of a novel for the subscribers every day. It aims to teach the Turkish language, the culture, and the literature of Turkish by sending emails to the people who are interested in Turkish and want to learn it for free. The subscribers receive the best and most common passages from novels and tales passages in Turkish literature.


Features of Turkish Inbox

Learn Everyday

You obtain Turkish passages that you can read for 5 minutes everyday.


Whenever you would like to subscribe and read the bulletin, you can.

Totally Free

The passages we send are totally free for people all around the world.

Only Local Authors

We try to teach the culture of Turkey by only sending literature from local authors.

For Speakers of All Levels

Subscribers will receive a variety of materials aimed at 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Expressions Explained

Each passage has its own commentary. Idioms, slangs and specific phrases are explained under the messages.


Learn Turkish
Learn Turkish

Sign up for free passages and learn the natural Turkish dialect.

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